Which Protein Powder Works Best?

Protein is a natural substance, complex in form and follows a fibrous structure which is bonded together by amino acids. Perhaps, you may look at this as the scientific definition of what protein has to offer. Essentially and simply though, protein is considered essential to the functions and structures of cells. Since it is considered essential, then we can take a look at it as a part of our daily living.

Protein takes different forms and may be sourced from different foods. It is usually found in lean meat, eggs and poultry. However, there’s one more thing that adds up protein to the body and that is what we call protein powder.

Protein Powder – Essential to Workout

Were there times when you feel like you have worked out so hard but do not get the muscles that you always wanted to see? Well, you can owe that to lack of protein in your diet. Try recalling how much protein you take in daily and you will ask the question: WHY? You may be wondering why you are not getting the muscle bulk you desire when in fact you are eating the right amount of protein each day.

Well, it’s as simple as you are lacking with the nutritive value. You may have to seek for more protein sources for your workout. Here is where the role of protein powder comes in.

Protein powder, if we have to note properly, is already popular among athletes and bodybuilders. The very main reason why they opt for protein powder is due to the fact that it really adds up the desired bulk to one’s muscles. Athletes and bodybuilders need this bulk in their muscles to be able to perform for their said endeavors.

Other Benefits of Protein Powder

Aside from adding bulk to one’s muscles, there are yet other functions served by protein powders. One of which is the fact that it also boosts immune system performance. Another is it helps the body produce the right amount of red blood cells it needs for proper functioning. It also provides a lot of health benefits for the skin and hair.

The Many Types of Protein Powders Available

Protein powder is available in different forms including rice and soy versions in the list. However, among all types available, you would certainly read more about whey protein powder. The main reason behind why whey protein is popular can be deciphered from the fact that it has the highest value in terms of biological contributions of protein. Meaning to say, if you source your protein powder from whey then you are guaranteed to get the best advantages ever for your workout.

The Many Brands of Protein Powders to Choose From

If there are many types of protein powders, there are indeed many brands to choose from. For those of you who are new to the protein powder concept, you will surely want to know which one is the best. Thank God you came browsing along our pages at proteinpowderguide.com. We are ready to provide you a list of products based on: effectiveness (or how the product works for your purpose); ingredients (with the right components and proportions); results (speed of providing outcomes is taken into account in here); safety (free of unwanted or undesired effects on the body; and value (product value, that is, you are getting more than what you pay for). Using this list of factors, we have listed the top three protein powders as follows:

#1 – Whey Protein Gold

As mentioned awhile back, whey protein powder has the highest source of protein among all types of protein powders that you can avail of. This one is manufactured by Optimum Nutrition and contains the highest value of protein you can get from a powder. Add to that the fact that you should not worry about too much fat and cholesterol in a protein powder. This is the reason behind why it is considered effective.

Whey Protein Gold can be used in various means. The most popular of which is the spoon method where it can be mixed with liquid. You may also use a blender to mix it with your desired drink. From there, you can enjoy the benefits you expect from protein powders, that is, leaner muscle mass.

Get this product at approximately $59.99 per bottle.

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#2 – Syntha-6

Syntha-6 comes from the manufacturer called BSN, the name behind other supplements like Atro-Phex. Being part of the product line that offers the best in terms of muscle building, Syntha-6 is indeed a good inclusion to your protein powder list.

If there is one thing to be happy about when it comes to using Syntha-6, that would be the fact that it available in a variety of flavors, 9 to be exact. Among your choices are caramel latte, chocolate mint and peanut butter chocolate. The flavors make it one of the best but add to that, it is BCAA fortified, thus you can be sure that you will gain the lean muscle bulk you have always wanted while you also gain enough strength during workout.

Enjoy this product for only $45.99 per bottle.

#3 – CytoSport Muscle Milk

Another yet notable product to be included in your list of protein powders is the Muscle Milk that comes from CytoSport. It is gifted with a combination of the highest quality protein you want blended with ingredients that help you sustain your energy during workouts. Together with 32 grams of protein, you will also get a total of 20 mineral and vitamin components, low-sugar carbs and functional fats in the pack.

It provides tons of benefits as well. This lactose-free formula will help provide you the nutrition you need whether you are dieting or you simply want to maintain your muscle mass and your body’s strength.

Get CytoSport Muscle Milk for only $53.49 and get the benefits you always want from a protein powder.